Monday, February 26, 2018

About Spells

About Spells

The Power of the Word.

Spells are a very power tool in magic.  They can open an energy space and create manifestation in a multitude of ways.   Just as with symbols in energy healing, spells in magic define the energy work being done and produce a very specific effect. There are many spells in each level of Emergentus. 

 Spells can be used for protection, healing, manifestation, dealing with animals, plants and trees, blocking negative energy or for transformation.  Spells can also generate a movement of energy (even physical), as well as enable us to work directly with the elements, namely fire.   The energy work done using spells has no limit.

There are regular spells and enchantment spells.  The difference between the two is the range of magical effect, and the duration of the effect of the spell.  A spell usually has a temporary short term effect.  They act very quickly and the effect wears off after some time.

Enchantment spells have a long-term or permanent effect.  They are mostly used on places, areas or certain magical objects (charm spells) such as a talismans, wands, or clothing.  They produce a permanent change.

Emergentus spells are usually composed of one word; some have two or more words.  The spells are not in English or in any known language. 

Sabine Blais

June 3, 2017

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