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How to Create Magic Wands 2018

How to Create Magic Wands - Lanterum


Garden pruners or cutters

Carving or whittling knife

Measuring tape

Sand paper

Wood burning pen (optional)

Varnish or oil (optional)

22 gage copper wire (optional)

Beads (optional)

Pliers and cutters for wire wrapping (optional)

Lathe for wood turning (optional)

Magic wands should be made of wood and must measure between 10 to 14 inches in length (no longer).  There should be no crystal attached to the tip of the wand.  Make sure that the piece of wood is thick enough, a thin piece of wood can snap easily and does not hold the energy as well.   You can cut a piece of wood from a fallen branch; however, if you choose to cut a branch from a live tree, make sure to ask permission to the tree or nearby fairies.   Use caution when using dead wood because it can be brittle and break easily.

You have the option of completely peeling the bark off the wand, or leave some parts of it in order to create a colour contrast in the wood.   With the carving knife, you can round off or carve off the sharp edges of the ends of the wand, to soften its appearance.  Sanding is optional but also helps remove coarse edges on the surface.   You can put a varnish on the wand or paint it, or anoint it with different essential oil blends.

These are all suggestions; use your intuition when making wands.  On many occasions, I have gotten a name for a wand that I make.  It is common for wands to have a name and take on an individual energy; they can also have a masculine or feminine energy.   This gives the wand a unique personality and offers the opportunity for the user to have a personal bond with their wand.

You need garden cutters, and a carving or whittling knife; make sure your tools are sharp enough.  Making wands is a very creative process, you can wire wrap beads around the shaft of the wand, or use a wood burning pen to carve or engrave magical symbols, letters or runes of your choice.

There are three parts in a wand: the base or handle (also called energy reservoir), the shaft and the tip.  Wood turning is also an option if you have the wood working skills and tools.  You would need a lathe, a stand, wood turning knives and protective gear.

Different models of magic wands:

Wood turnings

Wand, Morado Wood.

11-inch Holly Wand.

Hand-Carved Wands

13-inch Fir Wand.

Semi-carved wands, decorated with wire wrapping, beads, etc..

11-inch Maple Wand.

How to wire wrap crystals (Elarra Lae)

Sabine Blais


February 22, 2018

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