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What is a Potion?

Potion Basics - Emergentus

What is a potion?

A potion is a physical solution; it is always composed of at least one liquid and some solid ingredients.  It often requires the use of a magical spell to activate it.

The combination of ingredients and the order in which they are added will create an energy, and thus produce a magical effect.

Most potions are heated and must be boiled with a source of heat (open flame).

All Emergentus potions are vegan, and the ingredients used in potions are either plant-based or mineral-based. The potions contain no animal products or parts.

The liquid used in potions is mainly water or water-based.  Vegetable oils are sometimes added.

Water-based ingredients (liquid):

Crystal elixirs

Herbal decoctions

Fruit juice, vegetable juice

Oil + water mixtures

Other liquids:


Herbal extracts (ex: grapefruit seed extract)



Essential oils

Note: Alcohol is never used in these potions.

Mineral ingredients used in potions:



Bentonite clay

Activated charcoal

Baking soda


Base potions are always cold – they can be served on their own, ‘as is’, or they can be used as a base for other more elaborate, hot potions recipes.

Potions keep for a maximum of 2 days.  Keep in a glass jar at room temperature.  Do not refrigerate or reheat a used potion.

The standard volume of a potion recipe is 500 ml of liquid, a bit over 2 cups.

Hot potions must be boiled over an open flame or fire.  No electric stovetops or microwave ovens.

Basic tools for potions:

Round pot or cauldron

Live flame or fire (a fondue set works well indoors)

Mortar and pestle

Kitchen scale

Spoon – can be wooden or metal

Strainer and/or cheesecloth

Measuring cup (glass, preferred)

Measuring spoons

Small bowls or ramequins for ingredients (glass or ceramic)

Sabine Blais

June 2017

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