Friday, August 17, 2018

Lanterum level I class - Saturday August 25th at 13:00 (1pm)

Lanterum level I in Gatineau, Quebec 

Where: rue des Orchidées, Gatineau (Hull), (email for complete address and directions) 
When: Saturday August 25th at 1 pm
This class is offered to the general public.  There is no fee for the class, it is by voluntary donation.  However wands, dice and Lanterum runes are available for sale at my home; the course manuals can be downloaded in pdf format in the Lanterum group called ‘Emergentus Andromedan magic – public’.  Printed manuals are available for 4$. 

There is practice during the class, and there will be a potions demonstration. No previous experience is required, and children are welcome to join.  The class is held at my home in Gatineau (Hull).  Tea and snacks are offered in the class.

*Participants must have a wand for this seminar! The wand should made of wood and must measure between 10 – 14 inches in length (a bit longer is acceptable).  

About Lanterum Magic

Lanterum is a new system of magic destined for the general public.  There is no prerequisite to learn this magic, all one needs is a short wand (measuring 10 – 14 inches long).  There are two levels in this type of magic; one does not require any previous experience or attunements from another healing modality.   Lanterum magic is Andromedan in origin and it is milder than Emergentus; there are no complicated spells or strong, overwhelming energies.  It is safe and easy to use.  The focus of this magic is healing and protection.

The content of Lanterum includes 40 spells, the use of wands, a magical dice, flags, a compass, incense recipes and herbal blends, potions, talismans and more.  The magic of Lanterum is not religious and is not affiliated to any known system of magic.

Both levels of Lanterum is available to the general public in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

Sabine Blais

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