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It`s a new kind of magic which was channelled as of December 2016 in Quebec, Canada.

The word ‘Magic’ basically means change, manifestation and transformation.

It uses spells, wands, symbols and other magical tools.

This magic is not religious or ritualistic.  There is no worshipping of gods.

It works with universal and natural laws.

It is elemental and Andromedan in origin.

The spells are specific words, used as commands.

In order to practice Andromedan magic, one needs to activate a wand with a certain spell.


There are different types of Andromedan magic.  All of these, except for the Open Spells, require a wand activation. There is a book for each of these types of magic, available in pdf format.

Lanterum magic: Is a system of magic that was channelled on February 14, 2018 and has a vast array of content. It consists of the use of wands, spells, magical dice, runes, glyphs, magical banners, various recipes, talismans, a magical compass, a board game, a crystal grid as well as potion recipes.  Lanterum magic also incorporates some Fairy and Dragon magic; it is divided into two levels. There is a wand activation spell at each level.

Opal Unicorn: This type of magic is the first of a series of smaller systems of magic destined for the general public.  There is less content than Lanterum which makes it simpler and more concise. It’s perfect for beginners and kids: the magic is gentle, without any overwhelming spells and exercises.  Opal Unicorn is focused on relationships and healing, which makes it a suitable magic for healers to try out.  It includes spells, an enchantment, the use of wands and symbols.   

Blue Mermaid: As the name says, Blue Mermaid magic is focused on the environment, especially the oceans.  This magic also deals with marine wildlife and expands into more challenging energies such as fire magic. This magic includes the use of wands, spells, charms, symbols, recipes and talismans. 

Golden Griffin: Golden Griffin magic is a bit stronger and introduces a greater variety of magical tools.  Griffins have an affinity with the element of fire, change and education. There is more emphasis on fire, manifestation and telekinesis.  It includes the use of wands, spells, incense recipe, a symbol, a magical banner and a magical candle.

Centaur magic: Centaur magic is dynamic and fascinating; it is a fiery magic and has a high vibration of energy, yet it’s grounded into the Earth.  The spells encompass fire, telekinesis and manifestation, with a lot of botanical/plant spells to work with.   Centaur magic includes the use of wands, spells, symbols, recipes and the ‘Meditation to Connect with Centaurs’.  

Topaz magic: Topaz magic is different from the others and is more complex and challenging.  This system of magic focuses on levitation, telekinesis and flying.  Not surprisingly, this magic involves brooms; Topaz also includes spells, the use of wands, many recipes, symbols, flying meditations and levitation exercises. 

Open Spells: Open spells are not a system of magic per se.  They are rather a group of 14 spells which can be used at any time, regardless of previous experience.  They are equivalent to wild cards in magic.  They do not require a wand activation and can be added to any type of magic you are practising; they can also be used on their own, with or without a wand.  These spells are simple, safe and effective.  They are also a great exposure for beginners, in order to experience a magic spell with little or no background on the subject.  

Denanthor:  Denanthor magic is a system of magic which is vaster and stands on its own.  This magic is stronger, more challenging and advanced; it is great for those wanting to go further in their magical skills. This magic is more spiritual and runs deeper into the power of magic.  The content includes spells, the use of wands, broom magic, a magical alphabet, candles, a crystal grid, a fire spiral, ‘Meet Your Familiar’ meditation, various recipes and crafts, talismans and potions.   


The wands should be made of wood and measure 10-14 inches long.  There should be no crystal attached to the end.

The wand is activated once and also attunes the owner to that particular magic they are practising. The process is permanent.

This magic generally focuses on protection, manifestation, working with the elements (especially fire), telekinesis and healing.

The intent of this magic is always positive, supportive and aims at protecting the natural world.  It also repels negative energy.

Andromedan magic is not related to Wicca religion.

Each type of magic is written in a book(s) and is available in pdf format in English and in Spanish.

One can learn this type of magic by reading the books(s) and self-study.  Simply follow the instructions.  All you need is a wand.

You can use the same wand for all types of magic. 


Can children or minors learn this magic?

Yes, they can with parental consent.

Are there any prerequisites to learning these types of magic?

No, there are none.  You just need a wand and follow the instructions in the magic book(s).

Are there any curses in Andromedan magic?

No, there are none.  This magic has no negative or manipulative intent.

Can I have more than one wand?

Yes, you can.  Just make sure that all your wands all properly activated to the magic you are practising.

Can I teach this magic to others once I have learned it?

Yes, you can.  Feel free to spread this knowledge, as long as it is kept accurate.  Spells and symbols should never be modified.

Can I go trough a healing crisis while practising certain Andromedan magic spells or symbols?

Yes, it is common.  This is a strong energy that can cause releases.

How do I know which spell to use?

All the spells are compiled in a list and are divided into categories for easy reference.  The spells are listed in each magic book. 

How do I know which wood is best for me when choosing or making a wand?

You can go by feel, or you can search in a book.  I recommend ‘The Witches’ Guide to Wands’ by Teague.  Scott Cunningham also has a good reference for magical properties of plants and trees in his books.

Do I have to make potions in order to practise Andromedan magic?

No, it isn’t necessary; but it’s an excellent practice and an experience you don’t want to miss out!  All potion recipes are in the Lanterum and Denanthor magic books.

I have food allergies.  Is that a problem for me for making potions?

Not really, all ingredients are listed in the recipes and you can omit/substitute an ingredient in case of allergies.  Note: all potion recipes are VEGAN.

What other magical tools does Andromedan magic use?

Magical banners, symbols, glyphs, runes, dice, board games, chess game, magical compass, cloaks, hats, talismans, amulets, crystal grids, brooms, wizard staffs, candles, wreaths…

How can I join a group or community for magic online?

You can follow the blogs: or

You can also join the Facebook groups, search Lanterum Magic International and Emergentus Andromedan Magic (Public), and other related pages.

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Sabine Blais

October 20, 2019

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