Tuesday, June 23, 2020

OTAR - Magical Power 2020, English



Otar’ means magical power in the universe.   One must open the Otar in order to access universal power and practice stronger magic. 

This channels the power directly; it allows you to apply a spell and practice magic much more efficiently.  It`s like putting fuel in a car: performing higher levels of magic requires a greater amount of power.  It allows one to realize the more difficult spells that defy the laws of physics, such as telekinesis, levitation and transfiguration.  Opening the Otar should be done prior to using any type of spell.  These degrees of power are universal and apply to any kind of magic.

Opening the Otar entails accessing the power itself and does not require any spell, wand or instrument.   This process is now a part of all levels of magic.

 The steps to opening the Otar are very simple and are indicated below.

1. Entir


The Four Steps to Opening an Otar:

1. Think of the Otar (Entir)

2. Allow the energy to grow and build up inside you

3. Visualize/feel the energy in your solar plexus

4. Release the energy outward (in the form of a spell)

Sabine Blais
June 2020  

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